Portugal - Mountains and the Atlantic Coast


  • Location:- Northern Portugal.
  • Duration:- 5 days Tour

Our Rating :- Scouting Tour.

Number of 4x4: - 6


Portugal is renown for having some of the best offroading trails within Europe, many of the big 4x4 manufacturers test there vehicles in Portugal.

The General Itinary of this trip is to meet in Portugal on the Sunday evening ready for the star of the tour on Monday morning.

Anyone wishing to travel with us our itenary for the ferries will be as follow from Portsmouth to Santander,

Route: Portsmouth to Santander
Departure: Fri 19 Oct 2018 17:00
Arrival: Sat 20 Oct 2018 17:30
Route: Santander to Portsmouth
Departure: Sat 27 Oct 2018 20:30
Arrival: Sun 28 Oct 2018 19:45

We will aim to leave camp every morning at 09.30 hrs and make camp by 17.30 with many stops on route.

Vehicle Requirements

This trip is open to any well maintained 4x4 vehicle. You will need AT Tyres as a minimum and please ensure you have recovery points front and rear.

Please be aware vehicles do break down and have faults which most of the time can be fixed to allow the tour to continue, if any vehicle breaks down we do not leave people stranded, as a group we wait until the vehicle is fixed or in a location it can be recovered. Sometimes this may mean arriving at camp later than expected.

Supermarkets / Provisions /Fuel

We will need to carry provisions for at least 2 days but we aim to find small shops and supermarkets when possible.

It will not be necessary to carry spare fuel unless you have a big petrol engine, we aim to find fuel stations a least every other day.

Whats included in the cost ?

This trip cost is for the guided trip only, it does not cover campsites or any fuel, food or ferry etc all these cost need to be made by the client.

Price:- £750 reduced as Scouting tour £550.00 (price per 4x4)

(Deposit of £150 to book the remainder no later than 60 days before trip)

Tour Dates :- 22nd-26th October 2018 - Not including travel to and from start.

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